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This is the best time to invest in real estate.

We do our homework. We understand the objectives, our skills as local market experts come into play. We know what neighborhoods are ‘hot’ right now for sales. We know what sells. We know where new jobs being created or new schools being built.

We understand cap rates, cash-on-cash returns and net present value.

We work with many real estate investors, we are offered pocket listings, (Homes clients do not want on the MLS for many reasons) as well as homes that need work. Are you an investor looking for HOT DEALS? – make sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

Whether you are new to the real estate investors family and looking to learn, or are working on deal number one-hundred, our real estate investors process can help you accomplish your goals all while having a ton of fun doing it. You are here because you know this is the best times to invest in real estate and you’re right!

Whether you are a home flipper, or looking for long term income properties. We can help you with your investments.

An article from one of the many successful real estate investors:

Billionaire money manager John Paulson was interviewed at the Delivering Alpha Conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor. During his session he boldly stated:
“I still think, from an individual perspective, the best deal investment you can make is to buy a primary residence that you’re the owner-occupier of.”

Who is John Paulson?
Paulson is the person who, back in 2005 & 2006, made a fortune betting that the subprime mortgage mess would cause the real estate market to collapse. He understands how the housing market works and knows when to buy and when to sell. What do others think of Paulson?

According to Forbes, John Paulson is:
“A multibillionaire hedge fund operator and the investment genius.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Paulson is:
“A hedge fund tycoon who made his name, and a fortune, betting against subprime mortgages when no one else even knew what they were.”

Why does he believe homeownership is such a great investment?
Paulson breaks down the math of homeownership as an investment:

“Today financing costs are extraordinarily low. You can get a 30-year mortgage somewhere around 4.5 percent. And if you put down, let’s say, 10 percent and the house is up 5 percent, which is the latest data, then you would be up 50 percent on your investment.”

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